Yutaka Iwakiri

Ganapati PLC: Chief Product Officer
GANAPATI NEO: Chief Executive Officer
GanaEight Coin: Chief Creative Officer

Yutaka graduated from California State University, Long Beach.

Yutaka started his career at Disney Interactive Studios, United States headquarter office.

He was involved in the development/expansion of games towards the global market and exhibited at E3 for the company.

After his return to Japan, he has started his own business, entering varieties of entertainment business such as television, music, gaming, and fashion.

His previous clients include a wide range of international related businesses including both Japanese and overseas companies, and embassies.

Yutaka has been attending as a CEO at GANAPATI NEO since 2017.
Yutaka has been attending as a CCO at GanaEight Coin since 2018.
Yutaka has been attending as a CPO at GANAPATI PLC since 2019.

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