Toshitaka Nakajima

Ganapati PLC: Chief Financial Officer
GPJ Venture Capital: Chief Financial Officer
GanaEight Coin: Chief Financial Officer
Ganapati Malta: Chief Financial Officer
GANAPATI NEO: Chief Financial Officer

Toshitaka graduated the Law Faculty at Keio University in 1996, majoring in Political Science. Toshitaka began his career at Recruit Cosmos Co., Ltd in 1996, where he conducted real estate sales and marketing.

Toshitaka then worked in management at multiple listed companies, in the Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Administration and IR sectors. His roles included Manager of the Corporate Planning Division, Manager of the Management Division and Executive Managing Director. He also worked on the listing of a company on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the acquisition of bonds rating and issuance of straight bonds, management of internal compliance and internal control, amongst other things.

Toshitaka has been the CFO of Ganapati PLC, GPJ Venture Capital, Ganapati Malta Ltd and GANAPATI NEO since 2017. He also became the CFO of GanaEight Coin Ltd in 2018.

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