Oksana Aldoja

GANAPATI NEO: Chief Administrative Officer
GanaEight Coin: Head of Administration

Oksana started her career as a highly-motivated and results-oriented manager within outsourcing companies such as Bertelsmann. She has a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of service to high-profile clients like Microsoft, Toshiba and HP.

Throughout her career, Oksana has undertaken several different projects for Microsoft, such as Windows 7 Upgrade option program, Software Assurance and Microsoft End User Fulfillment.

These placements have enabled her to develop a valuable and transferable skill set, which she continues improving and developing at GANAPATI NEO Estonia.

Oksana became GanaEight Coin’s Head of Administration in 2019 and has been attending as a Chief Administrative Officer at GANAPATI NEO in 2019.

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