Hayato Terai

Ganapati PLC: Chief Legal Officer
GanaEight Coin: Co-CEO
Ganapati Taiwan: Chief Legal Officer
GPJ Venture Capital: Chief Legal Officer
Ganapati Malta: Chief Legal Officer
GANAPATI NEO: Chief Legal Officer

Hayato began his career as an attorney in 1998 at Yamasaki and Partners, while belonging to the First Tokyo Bar Association. In 2000, he joined the Kasahara Law Office, becoming a partner in 2002. Utilizing his language skills and vast experience overseas, he took on numerous clients not just from Japan, but from all over the globe.

With his reputation as a well-known and trusted attorney in Japan, Hayato established the Terai Hayato Law Office in 2005 and continued to satisfy even more clients internationally.

Hayato Terai is the Co-CEO of GanaEight Coin Ltd and Ganapati Taiwan and has been the Chief Legal Officer at Ganapati PLC, GPJ Venture Capital, Ganapati Malta Ltd, and GANAPATI NEO since 2017. He has been the Chief Legal Officer at Ganapati Taiwan since 2019.

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