Chipper Hsu

Ganapati Taiwan: Chief Executive Officer / Chief Marketing Officer

Chipper began his career back in 2006 as a sportsbook trader at Singbet/188BET in the Philippines. He gained comprehensive professional skills and knowledge from this experience, significantly contributing to the future vision of the company.
In 2010, when 188BET established a Taiwanese IT company, Chipper returned to his home country to lead the coordination, development and execution of its systems. In 2012, he co-founded an online betting website called Riche88, with the ex-CTO of 188BET, becoming its Marketing Director. He implemented varying marketing strategies, which resulted in players from all around the world visiting and playing on the site, and a greatly improved user experience. Chipper was then headhunted by OLE777, an online betting website targeting Mainland China and Southeast Asia.
In 2016, with the insight that the gaming industry would see rapid growth for B2B business models, he became the CEO of Sapphire Information company. In this role he brought global online betting games to the Asian market and created a new vision for the betting industry.
Chipper studied mathematics and business management. His strengths lie in logical thinking and creating innovative products. He brings these advantages to his new role and is currently setting out to make Ganapati a leader in the gaming industry.

Chipper became CEO/CMO of Ganapati Taiwan in 2019.

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