Four Sacred Souls

The Four Sacred Souls is a 3×5 online slot game with 25 paylines and 18 symbols – 4 Wilds, a Scatter, a Mystery Symbol, 4 High-Paying Symbols, 4 Medium-Paying Symbols and 4 Low-Paying symbols. The game features with Expanding Mystery Wild, Free Spin Bonus and Heart Collection Feature.

The Four Sacred Souls slot game is based on four Chinese ancient guardians, they are viewed as the guardians of the four cardinal directions. The four sacred souls are the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermilion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise of the North. They hold great significance in Chinese cosmology, with each beast representing an element, a season, and also symbolize protection, prosperity and longevity.

Monster Quest Slot

Monster Quest Slot is a 3×5 online slot game. The game starts in the dense primeval forest, inhabited by monsters from ancient Chinese legends. Monster Quest Slot has 30 paylines and 14 symbols a Wild, a Scatter (Bonus), 4 High Paying symbols, 4 Medium Paying symbols and 4 Low Paying symbols.


All symbols, except the Wild and Bonus, may appear as Colossal 2×2 and 3×3 symbols in the base game. The goal is to trigger 3 or more Bonus symbols that activate the Battle Challenge feature, followed by the Free Spins Bonus

Yak Thai

Yak Thai is a 3×5 online slot game that features adorable renderings of authentic Thai guardian giants for goodness. This game contains 243 ways and 13 Symbols – a Wild symbol, a Bonus symbol, 5 High-Paying symbols and 6 Low-Paying symbols.


In Thailand, people believed in giant about a guardian for goodness and protect the virtue and defend against the devil since Ayutthaya period until people established the guardian giant at the entrance of the temple of the Buddha.


The game features 3 unique Buy Bonuses, Free game and Synchron Feature. During the free game, there can be up to 3125 ways if reels are fully expanded to 5×5.

Tokyo Kombat

Based on the popular fish game genre, Tokyo Kombat boasts exceptional quality and unparalleled design which provides players with high rewards and sensory enjoyment.


The game takes players back to a fictional setting of World War II. They must shoot down and defeat Japanese Imperial Troops and unknown, peculiar creatures that pass through time and space.

In the game, the player can swap between 6 ammunition types, which each correspond to a bet amount. There are options to purchase additional weapons and enhancements to multiply your potential win bonus. There is also the opportunity to win 6000x your bet!


It’s time to bring down Imperial Japan! The more you fire, the more you win!

Beat Box

Beat Box is a 3×5 online slot game with 40 paylines and 13 symbols – a Wild symbol, a Scatter symbol, 5 High-Paying symbols and 6 Low-Paying symbols.
In this unique video slot game, you are invited to the stage to witness an incredible beat box battle – 5 beat boxers from all over the world are ready to compete for the title of World Champion.

Each character has his/her own corresponding background and animations, as well as stake value with an impact on the game volatility.
Before the Free Spins round begins, the Dominant Character symbol is chosen, based on the outcome of the cheering crowd’s vote. The Dominant Character appears more often on the reels during Free Spins and increases the chances to win.

Awesome Penguin

Awesome Penguin is a 1×3 online slot game with 1 payline, a Wild symbol, 4 High-Paying symbols, and 3 Low-Paying symbols.

Antarctica is inhabited with all sorts of animals, but none quite so awesome as the penguins.
The backdrop of the game is the glistening world of ice and snow – the home of our loveable penguins. The game’s symbols feature the cool creatures inside colourful cubes of ice.

The game has a bright cartoonish look and simple rules – winning has never been easier.
Players receive rewards every time any 3 symbols of the same kind appear on the reels. The game also features a Respin feature with Multipliers.

League Of Conquerors

League of Conquerors is a 3×5 slot with 20 paylines, Stacked Wild symbols, Free Spins and a Multiplier.

Pockets of Riches

Pockets of Riches is a 3×3 online slot game with 5 paylines, a Wild symbol and Re-Spin feature.

Safe Cracker

Safecracker is a game in which you use an Input Device (on the left side of the screen) to guess a safe passcode in order to win Cash Prizes. Guess the passcode in 7 Tries or less to claim your reward, otherwise the game resets and you start over.
The Bet amount can only be adjusted during the 1st Try and is withdrawn from your Balance upon each Try. The correct digits are recorded on your Input Device but be careful as the Odds decrease with each additional Try!

Battle of Emperors

Battle of Emperors is a 3×5 online slot game with 25 paylines and 15 symbols – Wild, Bonus Scatter, Free Spin Scatter, 4 High-Paying Symbols, 4 Mid-Paying Symbols and 4 Low-Paying symbols.

Sichuan Opera Face Changing

Sichuan Opera Face Changing is a 5-reel, 3-row online slot game with 10 paylines, an ERLANG WILD, 2 HIgh-paying symbols, 5 Low-paying symbols and a RE-SPIN feature.