Group Company

  • GPJ Venture Capital

    GPJ Venture Capital, as a subsidiary of Ganapati PLC, will provide funding, marketing, and personal support, in order to maximize both investor (employee) capital gains and business benefits.

    Based in Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Sapporo.
  • Ganapati Europe Holding Ltd.

    Ganapati Europe Holding Ltd. was established to oversee the group companies based in the Republic of Malta. It does not directly engage in business, but by overseeing that of its Maltese subsidiaries, maximises the revenue of the online gaming business and assists its legally compliant blockchain platform project, G8C, in achieving success.
  • GanaEight Coin Limited

    GanaEight Coin Limited was established as a blockchain business in Malta. With an experienced lawyer from Japan as CEO, it will carry out a legally compliant blockchain platform project in the leading blockchain jurisdiction of Malta.
  • Ganapati Malta

    Ganapati Malta has been approved as a holder of a B2B - Critical Supply Licence from the Malta Gaming Authority.

    We will be bringing engaging Japanese style content to the iGaming market through the use of cutting edge technology.

    GANAPATI NEO, based in Tokyo and Estonia, with an extraordinary creative team, is sweeping the field of iGaming with unique and innovative high quality game development.

    With exceptional development and graphics teams in London, Tokyo, and Los Angeles, they are constantly developing new ideas and concepts.

    GANAPATI APPS, based in Tokyo, produces domestic content with the aim of spreading Japanese game content to the global gaming markets through its group companies.

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