Samurai Girl

Online Gambling Game

Samurai Girl is a 3×5 slot game that includes Wild, Zombie Soul and Scatter symbols, Zombie Slash Multiplier, a Katana Gauge, Free Spins Pandemic, Boss Battle and Wild Reel features.

A deadly virus has hit Japan and Samurais that were long dead rise as zombies from their graves and attack the cities. They are led by their mighty boss – the Shogun.

Samurai Girl named Chiaki is a daughter of the Kagura family and the legendary Masamune Kagura sword has been handed from one generation to the next in her family. She is the only one left of her bloodline and it is her and only her who can wield the sword and return the Samurai zombies back to their graves. It is our duty to help her, by killing the Virus and stopping the Pandemic from spreading. You will also have a chance to participate in the ultimate Boss Battle against the Shogun, who led the Samurais while they were still alive and now rules over them in their evil zombie afterlife.