Power Of Elements

Online Gambling Game

Power of Elements is a 6×6 online cascading slot game with cluster-based payouts and 6 symbols: a Wild symbol and 5 Elemental symbols.
This unique revolutionary slot game combines elements inspired by the fantasy JRPG genre. Players have the opportunity to battle 5 different Elemental Guardians (Wood, Earth, Water, Fire and Metal), unlocking their respective habitats and collecting treasure chests with randomly selected Multipliers, as a reward for defeating them.
The game starts in the green wild forest, where the Guardian of Wood dwells. The goal is to defeat the Guardian by hitting it with the appropriate Elemental symbols. Each Guardian is weak against 2 elements. Winning clusters of these elements unleash the energy and deal damage to the Guardian. The Health Points (HP) bar is displayed on top of the reel-frame.
In total, there are 5 locations in the game, each ruled by the Elemental Guardian representing 1 of the 5 elements. Players will be able to unlock all locations and fight against each Guardian as they progress through the game.