Neo Tokyo

Online Gambling Game

Neo Tokyo is a 4x3x4x3x4 online slot game with a maximum of 12,348 ways to win. The game has 13 symbols – Wild, 3 Scatters (Jin, Hana and Deadspin), 2 High-Paying symbols, 3 Medium-Paying symbols and 4 Low-Paying symbols.

The base game is set in futuristic Roppongi, where skyscrapers reach into the clouds and even tower above the famous Skytree, which peeks into the right side of the screen. On the opposite side we can see the Ganapati headquarters with its neon logo shining brightly.

What makes the game unique is the 4-3-4-3-4 layout of the reels represented as hexagon tiles – a tribute to the cyberpunk theme behind Neo Tokyo 12,348. There are no paylines, but instead pays are made when matching symbols appear anywhere on adjacent reels from left to right, providing 576 ways to win in the base game.

The story behind the game is one about love: between a policeman named Jin and a girl named Hana. However, their love is at peril. An evil mobster known as Deadspin is after the love of Jin’s life. Set in Neo Tokyo of the distant future, this game brings a Cyberpunk love story to a new level, with its animated backdrop that has a Sci-Fi feel to it. A series of high-resolution video clips are shown to players between different stages of the game telling us the details of this story.