Monster Quest

Online Gambling Game

Monster Quest is a unique battle slot with Intrusion Battle, Rare Monster Battle, Boss Battle and Treasure Chests features. Monster Quest was inspired by mythical monsters from ancient Chinese legends. Countless deadly combats with ferocious monsters will bring players generous rewards.

The realistic animation and vivid colours give players a sense of presence, making the game even more exciting.

There are 8 types of monster (20 in total, including colour variations).
The base battle takes place at a primeval forest, a desolate battlefield or a murky cave. In the base battle, players will fight with Jiangshi, Xingtian, Taotie, Qiongqi, Taowu and Hundun.

1 SPIN is a single attack and all damage dealt to a monster is rewarded. Defeating a monster will bring even higher rewards and chances to trigger the Treasure Chest feature.