Great Beauties of China

Online Gambling Game

Great Beauties of China is a 3×5 online slot game with 25 paylines and 18 symbols, that is based on an ancient legend of four women from different dynasties. These women – Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan and Yang Guifei – were said to be so beautiful that they brought kings and emperors to their knees, outshone flowers and made birds fall from the sky. The lives of these beauties ended in tragedy, but their legend will live forever – now also through this slot game!

The game has 4 Wilds, a Scatter, a Mystery symbol, 4 High-Paying symbols, 4 Medium-Paying symbols and 4 Low-Paying symbols. The game also includes several unique and exciting features, such as the Heart Collection feature, Expanding Mystery Wild, a Free Spins bonus and Free Spins Retrigger!