End Of Edo

Online Gambling Game

End of Edo​ is a 3×5 online slot game with 20 paylines and 10 symbols – Wild, Scatter, 4 High-paying and 4 Low-paying symbols. The game features a bonus game with a tiled map and samurai fights along each step of the way to the Free Spins round. Various features are collected during the bonus game, as players make their way to the right-hand side of the map, a tile at a time.
The game is based on a period in Japan’s history called Edo, which lasted for more than 250 years. The Fall of Edo brought the Samurai system to its end and became the stepping stone for the creation of modern Japan.
The game reflects an atmosphere of warfare and battleground. An Edo castle can be seen in the background, lit up by the flames of war. Dramatic music emphasises the dark mood of the game. The game characters are members of the four clans which took part in the war that brought down the Edo era: Asano, Doi, Gamo and Hara. The regular symbols in the game represent the clansmen and their banners.