Ganapati’s Exciting ICE Collaboration

Ganapati is honoured to announce an exciting collaboration with some very special guests at ICE Totally Gaming 2019. Renowned Japanese Kabuki actors, Ainosuke Kataoka and Kazutaro Nakamura, will be performing at the Neo Tokyo themed Ganapati stand, number N7-440, on the 5th-6th February.

The actors will be performing one of the most iconic Kabuki dances known as Renjishi (“Two Lions”), which tells the story of a mythological lion-like creature training his cub. The captivating dance was first performed in the Edo period and has evolved ever since, becoming one of the most memorable and popular dances in the Kabuki repertoire.

The actors’ characters will also make an appearance in animated form in Ganapati’s 2019 flagship game, Neo Tokyo, complete with their extravagant Renjishi costumes and long wigs.

These special performances are incredibly rare in the UK and are not to be missed by ICE 2019 attendees.

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